3D Augmented Reality Head Up Displays for Next Generation Vehicles
3D Augmented Reality
Head Up Displays for
Next Generation Vehicles

Leading the Way in
Vehicular 3D Holography

At CY Vision, we’re more than just a tech company. We’re visionaries, pioneering 3D displays that redefine vehicular experiences. Built for resilience and adaptability, our systems seamlessly integrate with various vehicle models, ensuring every ride is safe, immersive, and exceptional.

We are honored to be named an Automotive News PACEpilot 2023 award finalist. The PACEpilot award recognizes post-pilot innovations in the automotive space.

Winner of the Global Entrepreneur Program at Together for Safer Roads Cohort 2020

AR Windshield Enables Next Level User Experiences and Future Opportunities

  • Reduces “eyes-off-road” driver distraction and divided attention across roads and dashboard information
  • Increases attention to traffic conditions and vehicle performance
  • Projects turn-by-turn navigation instructions into drivers’ line-of-sight
  • Offers dynamic display with higher levels of automated driving systems
  • Provides opportunity for more immersive media content to be consumed in-vehicle

Safe and Engaging Visual Experiences

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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